24/7 Production Support

LogiCoy Provides 24/7 production support for a wide variety of applications based on Java. LogiCoy has expertise in enterprise application development, web application development and mobile application development.

  • Support services from L1 to L4 levels
  • On call resolutions
  • Available any time on chat messengers throughout resolution cycle.
  • Deployment and migration support

OpenESB Support

LogiCoy Annual Support Plans

Feature Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Applications Production Production Development Development
Response Time 24x7x365 1 hour 24x7x365 4 hour 24x7x365 12 hour Business hours 12 hour
Number of Incidents Unlimited Max 30 incidents Max 20 incidents Max 10 incidents
LogiCoy ESB Enterprise Monitor
LogiCoy ESB Enterprise Admin Console
Software downloads and patches
Hot fixes and patches
Log issues via toll free number
Log issues via email
Live IM/Chat support
Product training

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