24/7 Production OpenESB Support

LogiCoy Provides 24/7 production support for a wide variety of applications based on Java. Openesb support is one of the most important support that we provide. LogiCoy has expertise in enterprise application development, web application development and mobile application development.

  • Support services from L1 to L4 levels
  • On call resolutions
  • Available any time on chat messengers throughout resolution cycle.
  • Deployment and migration support


OpenESB  Support 

 Logicoy provides 24X7 openesb and glassfish production support. Let LogiCoy save you some money. Rather than spending up to millions of dollars on proprietary product licensing, use OpenESB. It has been proven to work in production environment. Your business will no longer need to be concerned with implementation and support services. LogiCoy can provide you with a competent team of developers who created various GlassFish ESB / OpenESB components and therefore have vast experience in development, service, and product support. Our expert technical OpeneESB support services give you business hours or around-the-clock coverage with guaranteed service level agreements. The original developers of the OpeneESB  help you  troubleshooting complex issues and resolving bugs and suggest the best practices with no additional cost to you.

openesb support and glassfish production support

LogiCoy has many customers for who are currently using OpenESB in Production and are extremely satisfied with our OpenESB support services. Please see various support plans below and do not hesitate to ask us for free  OpenESB support for one month in your development environment.

  • LogiCoy provides Glassfish app server support along with the OpenESB support.
  • We provide 24X7 OpenESB support across various geographies.

LogiCoy provides best practices for OpenESB in production along with support. Some examples are:

  • How to configure thread pool
  • What are the optimized configurations for JVM.
  • How many service assemblies you should deploy in an instance.
  • How to create clusters and optimize the same.
openesb support

OpenESB support

OpenESB V 3.0.1 Standalone Edition can be downloaded here

For our Platinum support customers we share the optimal configurations and best practices. Example configurations are:

How to configure following:

  • Resource Configs
  • JDBC, manage targets
  • JMS Resources
  • JavaMailSessions
  • JNDI
  • Connectors
  • Application variables. Portability,Required before deploying SAs.
  • Httpbc: inbound /outbound/etc…
  • BPEL SE config
  • Application configuration objects

Read an introduction to Openesb-support-process process.

Since the Sun microsystems days, we have been big proponent of open source software. LogiCoy has continued the same legacy and has introduced many open source software products in its portfolio. We have customers who use openesb in various domains like healthcare, telecom and finance and we support them 24X7. LogiCoy also supports other open source products like  Mirth  and  drools.

LogiCoy team has many years of experience working for open source software and support. The issues raised by our enterprise customers and related fixes are fed into the community release version.  Our support engineers are advocates of customers and embed the customer experience into the product releases. OpenESB community benefits tremendously out of this. LogiCoy enterprise customers get access to our knowledge base portal as a value add service which helps them avoid known issues and how to dos. This enables customers to be self sufficient.

LogiCoy provides Openesb Support to the community users as well. We respond promptly to any requests from the new community users about different aspects of openesb, be it help in downloading, installing and configuring, free of cost.



LogiCoy Annual Support Plans

Feature Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Applications Production Production Development Development
Response Time 24x7x365 1 hour 24x7x365 4 hour 24x7x365 12 hour Business hours 12 hour
Number of Incidents Unlimited Max 30 incidents Max 20 incidents Max 10 incidents
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